12 January 2010

Q & A

Lemme share the questions people asked me thru my formspring account.

Q:Would you rather date a lot of different people, or be in a committed relationship?
A: Dating is really fun but I'd rather be in a relationship. :]

Q: R U watching Showtime? Haha. by jalness
A: Noong christmas vacation. Lol. Eh kasi naman pag lolo at lola mo kasama mo sa bahay wala kang choice. Lol.

Q: Would it be pancakes or crepes? :D by laenasalaena
A: Crepes. I dun like pancakes.

Q: If by chance a fairy godmother comes to you one night giving you a choice to become a hotter guy or a sexy gal, what would you choose?
A: A hot dude. I never wanted to be a girl. Really. Plus, I think I'm not strong enough to be a girl. :]

Q: i like strawberries, do you [like] 'em too? :D
A: No. They're cute though.

Q: given the chance to date or be in a relationship with a local celebrity, who would you choose?
A: The first person who popped into my mind was Derek Ramsey. Then Ron Morales. But if you want me to think really hard...Derek still. =p

Q: do you regret living your life now?
A: You mean the way I'm living it? No. I have dozens of mistakes and plenty of regrets but I guess these are essential parts of my life. I'm not exactly living my ideal life yet but I'm working on it. Though I have to admit that sometimes I wish I had a "simpler" life. But a few minutes later I'd snap out of it. The journey, the drama, the pain and all those things that most people consider as impediments in achieving their ideal life are indispensable parts of the quest. I believe I'm making most out of the journey now. After all, I believe, we'll all end up with the same fate.

Wow. I just realized that formspring is an instant blog entry source. Lol. Keep those questions coming! Haha. Send those questions here. :] But if you don't want others to see your question for me, put it here.

listening to: Sober (Pink)


  1. amen to your answer on the last question.

  2. i SOOOOOO LOVE the last question! :))))))

  3. @anonymous

    Why do I have this feeling that you were the one who asked that question? Lol.

  4. Bravo on the last answer. :)

    Though my personal favorite is the one that precedes it. Derek talaga. :)

  5. strawberries are like a humanoid's red nose with lots of blackheads.ewww.

    sabagay kung si derek nga talaga, even at his 30, may appeal pa rin sa mga milyonaryong businessman na itago natin sa pangalang em. lols.


  6. Haynako gramps ang hilig mo sa talaga sa isyu! Haha.

  7. isyu ang bumubuhay sa akin. lols.


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