15 January 2010

Bye Elbi

After more than a week of waiting and feeling exasperated, I am now relieved. Relieved because finally I'm certain that I'll be doing my practicum this sem. Though I was not assigned to the firm I like most (Blacksmith Institute), they placed on my second choice - Pilipinas Shell. What happened to Globe? I dunno and I don't wanna talk about it.

I'm with three other practicumers. Fortunately, I know these three and I had the chance to work with them before. Two of them are like one of my super friends. So I think we have a very promising team.

We'll leave Elbi on Wednesday. I'm gonna miss Oble and my fellow Isko. *sigh*

See you on March.


Dear Ma'am Carla and Ma'am Emy,

I doubt if you'll be able to read this but I just want to say sorry for the long face kanina. One week of waiting and feeling exasperated really took its toll on me. I could have been worse. But our relationship is more than a teacher-student type and with that in mind I reminded myself not to be a total pain in the ass. I know you worked so hard to strike a deal with them and I'm really thankful to you. You know how long I've waited for this to happen and so I just couldn't bear the idea of being the one of the last students to be assigned in a practicum firm. Again, I'm really sorry.

I promise that I'll do my best there and all your efforts will not be put to waste.


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