04 June 2010


Dear Noynoy,

No, I won't tell you to quit smoking. I don't care if you smoke because that is your choice. And I don't care if you die of lung cancer because that is a consequence of your choice. But what I'm gonna ask you is health-related, not exactly related to your health per se, though.

Please keep DOH Secretary Esperanza Cabral.

We all know that you don't like PGMA. And that's an understatement because it's not just you don't like her - you hate her, you despise here. You even refuse to take oath to the newly appointed Chief Justice (which by the way, I think, is not a good idea but that's another story). But then again don't let your hate consume you. Sure, you probably wanna get rid any trace of GMA in the government once you sit down (well, not really true cos LP welcomed Lakas quitters) but that's not possible, and more importantly, it's not practical. It's not practical in terms of money (you need to spend for new appointment), time (new appointees would have to adjust and learn before getting the hang of their new job), and skills (admit it; GMA got some finest people in her administration).

Secretary Cabral is probably one of the finest in the current administration. She studied in good schools and practiced her craft in the finest health institutions. However, if her skills and experiences both as medical practitioner and as public servant are not enough for you to consider keeping her, then maybe you might wanna reflect on this:

She got balls.

When the Church condemned her for trying to prevent AIDS and control population growth, she had the balls stand against that hypocritical institution. And in this country, someone who can go against the church is really something. I don't know about other current cabinet members, but have to keep her.

You're into this political will thing, right? Well, meet one of the epitomes of political will:

Esperanza Cabral.


  1. sana nga e. baka sakaling namana ko yung guts nya. hehe


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