11 June 2010

"We're just here for you."

I'm going back to Elbi tomorrow.

"We're just here for you", all of my friends say. And that's exactly the problem. They are where they are and not with me. I need friends who will be physically with me. But of course they can't be with me because they have jobs and all other crap more important than a friend who's thinking of suicide. So I'll just go where they are so that it'll be more realistic the next time they say "we're just here for you".


  1. awww pipo. i hate seeing u this way.

    just keep writing about it. it's pulled me through some very hard times in the past. doesn't even matter if u publish it or not. just the act in itself cleanses u like anything.

  2. pi! =)
    i'll just pray for you okay?
    it helps a lot, promise
    i'm sorry I can't be there, but hey, smile!
    the world will be nicer to you, if you'll be nicer to the world. hehe

  3. oh my! hope you'll feel better soon. mwah!

  4. thanks guys! sorry super late reply.

    jo! you're here! =D


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