03 December 2009


No, that's not my age. I'm only 22.

It's been 28 months since we've been together. That's two years and 4 months just in case math kills you. Hehe.

During the last team building activity of Babaylan, Paul was telling me how happy and proud he is of us. Our relationship is one of the proofs daw that relationships like ours work. He was telling me other things but I can hardly remember it now as we were both quite drunk that night.

But I remember telling him that I actually feel pressured because of the relationship. I'm very happy with the relationship and knowing that people are happy for us magnifies it more. However, as I know that many people "look up on us", there goes the pressure. It's as if people are telling us that we need to make our relationship work and last for them. Yeah,  I'm crazy.

Warning: mush overload ahead.

So lemme take this chance to say to you people that I'm keeping the relationship because I love him. I'm doing everything I can to make this work and last as long as it could because I love him. I'm doing the right things because I love him. I'm doing my share in the relationship because I love him. You're never a consideration in making this relationship work.

Those 28 months were not easy. Those 28 months were not rainbows and butterflies all the time. We fought, we walked out, we slammed doors, we raised voices at each other and we cried because of each other. There were several almost-break-up and I-need-some-space moments. But from day 1 we knew that it will be a rough ride. We knew we have to make a lot of compromise to make things work out. We promised each other we will hold on.

Ok enough of the drama.

So today marks our 28 month of being together. And though we don't do monthsary's anymore I think we'll be eating out tonight. So yes, Gillian and Iyabear, I'm skipping our meeting.

Now, gimme back my beer.


  1. awww... so beautiful. i actually do admire you and jap. it gives me hope yah know? haha.

  2. Haha. Thanks Mike. :) Miss ka na namin!

  3. congrats! congrats!
    clap! clap! clap!

  4. @thecuriouscat salamat! :)


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