08 December 2009


I emailed Greenpeace Philippines regarding a possible partnership in bringing the film The Age of Stupid here in UPLB. We can actually do it on our own but working with organizations such as Greenpeace will entice more UPLB constituents to see the film. Greenpeace is Greenpeace after all. I'm spearheading the activity. I hope Greenpeace's response will be affirmative.

I helped boyfie have his graduating clearance signed. It took us three hours of walking and waiting. I was exhausted and hungry as hell I ate Jollibee's super meal.

I bought a black three-stars-and-a-sun type polo shirt. I didn't know I can look good in black. Sad part is I had to go for the medium size. I now look like a suman in small. I hate it. >_< I also bought a pair of pants. Thank goodness I still fit in a 30.

I paid my rent for November. I'm still thinking if I should pay for this month's rent or I'll just delay it till next month. My mom owes me two weeks worth of allowance.

I'm still thinking if I'll attend UPD's Lantern Parade. My lolo and lola lives in Diliman, Quezon City. I fear that I'll give them a heart attack if they see me with the UP Babaylan delegation. They prolly won't go in the parade but media covers the event, right?

That pretty much sums up my day. Guess we'll be watching a local comedy flick later. Yeah, we're into local flicks. Hehe.

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