10 December 2009


So I attended the seminar class for graduating students this morning. I arrived 15 minutes late but I'm actually quite proud of myself considering I only had three hours of sleep last night as boyfie asked me to layout a scientific poster. Also, I was sort of one of the early birds since there were five people who came earlier than me.

The topic discussed this morning was one of the topics discussed in last year's seminar - volunteerism and partnership (I'm done with this subject na kasi).  I was trying to keep a low profile as I'm just sitting-in in the class but the professor practically made everyone talked. And so I had to talk. And talked I did. I can't help it. Prof's really good she got me warmed up. I hope I did make sense though. Lol.

When the discussion barely had began, Mr. Graduation Committee Representative me handed me the contract for the graduation photo shoot and yearbook. Attached in the contract is an info sheet where we're supposed to write, umm, basic info about ourselves. There were also some questions which I find so slumbook-ish and, yeah, our answers to these questions will be printed in the yearbook.

  • What does a BS Human Ecology/BS Nutrition student have what [sic] others do not have?

Very beauty pageant-ish. And I'm pretty sure people will, more or less, have the same answers here. Bring out a pen and paper and start tallying how often the words holistic and sustainable appear.

  • Three things that you wished [sic] you did in college that you never did.

I just don't buy the idea of sharing my regrets in a yearbook. I want my page in the yearbook gleeful. I'll reserve the regrets for my autobiography. Lol.

  • What are the things you will miss most in CHE (College of Human Ecology)?

Ok. I kinda like this question. I'll shed a tear or two in the future when I read my answer and other people's answer to this.

Also, we're supposed to ask two of our closest friends or relatives to write a special message for us. Now that's just plain cheesy. And corny. But I'll try to make this work for me. I just need to find two people who are so eloquent that they'll be able to convince me that it was me they talked about in the message even if I'm not even a light year close to their descriptions. Lol.

Ok. If you think you know me well and you're know your way with words and you're interested in writing a message for me for our yearbook, email me. Bah. As if Pipo, as if.

Update: I've decided not to get the yearbook. You see, I'm an "irregular" student and much of the people who I consider as my batch mates already graduated last year. I realized that I won't be seeing my batch mates in that yearbook and that's like defeating the purpose of yearbooks - to bring back memories. Without the cute/lovely/fugly/stupid faces of my batch mates in that yearbook, there'll be no memories that'll make me smile, cry or curse. So there. No yearbook for me.

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  1. awwww... im more interested with your grad photo though. haha. ano kaya outfit mo for the creative shot?

  2. oo nga pala. isa pa yan. wala pa naman akong alam sa ganyan. lols

  3. or maybe you can be my stylist mike! hehe. shoot's on dec. 5. lols

  4. the first question was interesting... anyway, just passin' =)

  5. nice primary pic. parang gusto kong hilahin kita at iharap sa akin! hehehe! isko ka din pala. hehe

  6. ello cee. yep isa kong isko. =)


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