05 December 2009

Let's Call Him Mark

Musta tol? May oras ka ba? May prob ako. Usap tayo tol.

This was Mark's opening salvo to me over our exchange of chat messages this afternoon. I met Mark through a certain online group with members exchanging private and not-so-private male videos. I am one of the moderators while he is a member. When I made a new instant messaging account especially for that group, Mark was one of the first people who added me as a contact.

Kelangan talaga usap? Pwede naman dito ah.

Though Mark and I are attending the same school, we haven't met yet. We already had countless chat sessions talking about school, family, friends and other stuffs enough for us to consider that we know each other and to give each other a certain level of trust.

Usap naman sa YM, di sa personal.

You see, our conversations were limited to online chat. No online calls or phone calls. We don't even have each other's digits. We were friends but there is an unspoken rule that we only communicate through chat. There were several attempts he made to make me come over his pad or him insisting to come over my place though. Yeah, he's one horny kid. I must admit that there were instances that I was actually teasing and tempting him though. I did it just to amuse myself. He was sex deprived and I know he'll bite to my bait. But at the end of those conversations we just laugh at ourselves for no one would give in. It's fun. It just gave me blue balls though.

Oo nga. May headset ako pero walang mic. Pwede lang ako makinig sayo.

I lied. Of course my headset has a built-in mic. In fact even my laptop has a built-in mic. I just can't talk to him for we will be violating our unspoken rule. And also, boyfie is around. He doesn't know Mark or anything about him. Mark is just another member of the group. Or maybe not. Point is he's just a friend.

Di pwede. Lugi.
Nalilito na kasi ako tol.

Ah. I had an idea what this conversation will be all about. You see Mark is not your average college student. He's from a wealthy family, his parents pamper him, all of his siblings have a good job, he has his own car, he's got a chick girlfriend and he's a prostitute.

Di mo naman kelangan malito. Normal lang yan.

When Mark told me that he is straight, my eyes rolled 360 degrees, 360 times. I hate it when people claim that they're straight yet they do gay stuffs even I won't do like joining an online with members that exchanges male videos. Oh. But as I've mentioned Mark is not your average guy. So yeah, he's straight.

Tado. Ewan. Pano kung nahuhulog na ko?

Ok. So now this is a problem. He can't fall for a guy because he's straight (scratch the concept of fluid sexuality for a moment please). But here he is telling me, it came from his own "fingers" and it was not a suggestion but a declaration, that he is falling for a guy.

Tol, bakla na ba 'ko? Pota.

"Yes, you are now. Welcome to the group!" I wanted to tell him that. But I didn't for that it was too early to conclude. It could have been good news for the pink community for Mark is a total hottie. But then again I wouldn't do that to him. I'm his friend. Naks.

Eh kung nagkakagusto ka sa lalake, ano naman? Ok lang yan. Patingin nga ng pic nyan! Haha.

Seriously, I can feel that he's so stressed out. This is a real problem for him, a major one at that. So I felt that the need to lighten up things a bit so there goes that stupid half-meant joke.

Tado. Parang mag-utol kami. Tapos pareho pa ng kalokohan. Parang lahat ok. 

Ah. This is bromance. I can't be wrong. Two straight guys who are unusually close that people think (including themselves perhaps) that there is something going on between them. But really it's just friendship in a higher level. And yeah, there's no sex involved. There must be no sex involved.

...to be continued.

Bah. Of course Mark is an alias.


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