07 December 2009

I'm a Jerk

But I'm still not choosing him to be my practicum mate.

I'll be meeting my two friends and S tomorrow on Wednesday. I feel that my two friends will try to initiate a kiss and make up of some sort. But I won't give in.

The worst case scenario is that I will have to make my two friends choose. Me or that selfish bastard. But that's evil. I may be a cut throat jerk sometimes but I'm not evil. I act like a jerk for a good cause (yeah, I'm a "the end justifies the means" guy sometimes). I don't become a jerk for selfish reasons.

Now I'm thinking that instead of making them choose, I'll just tell them to choose him. I'll just let my adviser choose my practicum mate. Or maybe I can just do the thing alone. I can do it on my own after all. But that would be sad and I would be pathetic.

Oh geez I can't believe this is happening. I'm graduating this sem and here I am still not mature enough to just get over it. So much immaturity for a 22 year old. Crap.


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