07 December 2009

When Ms. Righteous Strays

You have three choices.

What are those?

First, stop texting him.

Second, continue your textcapades with him and hope for a happily ever after. Who knows?

Third, go on with the textcapades, enjoy what you two have now but don't expect anything more than that (your textcapades, that is). If it ends, let it end.

The first is too sad. The second choice will make me feel guilty as hell and I'm not sure if there will be no emotional investment on my part. That third option sounds good though. 

Oh. The last one's the easiest. You just go with the flow until you realize that what you're doing is not right. But that'll happen at the end pa. For now, it's just rainbows and butterflies.

Ms. Righteous is my uber trusty friend when I need someone to say out loud that I'm doing something wrong. She's the only person I allow to slap me hard and tell me to stop. Fine. I'm exaggerating. But you get the point.


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